Champagne and dim sum for £10

Dim sum with Champagne for £10 @Forbidden city bar

Hidden beneath restaurant A.WONG in Victoria sw1.
“Champagne’s acidity and bubbles pair perfectly with dim sum”, wrote Zach Yu, the wine expert at Hong Kong’s two-Michelin-starred Ming Court restaurant. “Champagne is always at home with delicate seafood dishes and with crisp, deep-fried foods. Therefore, it goes well with dim sums because they’re a mixture of flavours and textures – some delicate and steamed (usually seafood), some more robust or fried (like pork buns).”
Taken from a recent interview with the sommelier from the 2 Michelin starred Ming court restaurant in Hong Kong. Matching wines with the eclectic nature of a Chinese feast is always difficult with the variety of salty, spicy, sour and sweet flavours that are exhibited simultaneously, together with the broad scope of differing cooking techniques seen within the Chinese kitchen. One thing is agreed though, CHAMPAGNE AND DIM SUM is a match made in heaven. We are so eager for you all to experience this match for yourselves that we are continuing our £10 promotion of dim sum with Champagne or Prosecco. Chef has told us that he prefers the additional sweetness of Prosecco in matching dim sum, but Champagne is always Champagne!

To take advantage of this offer, please quote ‘dim sum with champagne’ when making your reservation with us at 
Feel free to pop by, even without a reservation, we will try our very best to ensure that you get seated asap.

Open daily from 6pm, we have a wide section of cocktails, beers and champagnes, perfect for all occasions in the heart of londons Victoria sw1. With food available from the kitchens of awarding restaurant A.WONG, drinking and food matching snacks have never been so much fun.
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