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The world of Chinese cuisine is limitless and exciting, a journey of tasteful cultures and flavoursome histories, from Buddhist temple cuisines of the Tang Dynasty Silk Road and the lantern-lit teahouses of bustling Ming Dynasty Suzhou, to the cocktail hour of Hong Kong and Shanghai’s jazz age.

We are honoured to have you join us on this culinary journey, with a menu that celebrates Chinese food heritage, historical recipes, and kitchen craft evolved over 4000 years

Our menu encapsulates the importance of sharing, which is at the heart of Chinese culture and to enjoy the full A. Wong experience we would recommend ordering 4 dishes per person, depending on your appetite. Perhaps starting with 1 snacks, one ‘sharing’ dish followed by 2 dishes. Alternatively, Andrew can create your own bespoke menu or for those with a little more time, we also offer a ‘Taste of China menu’ – where each course is inspired by a specific region of China’s 14 international borders.



中國飲食文化注重分享,而我們的菜單亦稟承這傳統。為令閣下能全面享受A.Wong的美食體驗,我們建議每人點六道菜,但這當然取決於您的食慾。建議可從兩個小食開始,加一個「共享」菜,然後配上三個菜式。 另外,如有更多時間,建議可試試我們的“中國風味菜單” – 每道菜的靈感分別來自中國14個邊疆地區。

A.WONG recommendations are denoted with a * within the menu


蝦片A.WONG cracker
(10g Oscietra caviar accompaniment £25)
冰鎮拍黃瓜Chilled ‘smacked’ cucumber with trout roe, chilli, garlic vinegar
(vegetarian option available)
糖醋排骨Sweet and sour rib with toasted sesame and pork floss£7.50
魚子醬豉油雞菜捲‘Soy chicken’ with ginger oil and Oscietra caviar wrap * £15
成都豆腐花Chengdu street tofu, soy chilli, peanuts, preserved vegetables *£5.50
香茅脆蝦仔沙律Lemongrass and peanut lettuce wrap with baby prawn fritter£9
釀 蟹 鉗Crab claw with cured scallop and wasabi (c. Zhou Dynasty)£10
香辣蝸牛雞‘1000 chilli chicken’ with snails and Sichuan pepper£9
和牛燒栗米Barbecued forbidden city sweetcorn, wagyu beef meat paste and truffle£10


香酥脫骨鴨Crispy aromatic ‘Peking duck’, London 1963, cherry smoked duck and pancakes
(10g Oscietra caviar accompaniment £25)
木須肉‘Moo shu’ pancake wraps of pork, egg and wood ear fungus£15
肉夹馍Xian city ‘lamb burger’ with sesame, coriander and chilli and Xinjiang pomegranate salad *£15
叉燒,臘腸,鴨肝Cantonese honey roasted pork, wind dried sausage and grated foie gras *£18


Only available during the evenings
點心‘A.WONG’ Dim sum basket*£12
东坡肉‘Dong Po’ braised suckling pig with purple rice and aged balsamic*£16
薄荷牛肉卷‘Dai’ seared A4 wagyu beef with mint, chilli and lemongrass£35
宫保雞丁Gong Bao chicken with roasted peanuts and candied chestnuts£15
干煸四季豆Dry fried French beans with minced pork and dried shrimps£15
四川香辣手撕茄子Sichuanese aubergines£12
白灵菇扒鲍片Braised abalone, shitake mushroom and abalone butter *£20
时令蔬菜Stir fried market green vegetables, spring onion oil and truffle£15
蒜茸蒸虾Garlic steamed Wild tiger prawn, mung bean noodles, superior soy£25
賽螃蟹Steamed king crab claw, velveted egg white and aged rice wine*£45
干煸牛柳丝Crispy chilli, caramelised beef, tartare, beef XO and pickled carrots*£18
甜酸鸡Sweet and sour corn fed chicken, smoked meat and marinated pineapple£12
蒜油烤多寶魚Grilled chilli butter Turbot, pickled cockles and roasted bone marrow£35
‘Ma Po’ tofu with crispy onions and coriander *£12
红烧臭鳜鱼Steamed wild seabass with fermented tofu sauce, baby shrimps£15

WOK 炒鍋

米飯Steamed rice£3
星洲炒米Rice noodles with dried scallop vinaigrette£12
生炒和牛肉飯Wagyu beef and lettuce fried rice and oyster essence£15
雲吞汤Won ton soup with dried shrimp cheung fun£15
野菌魚子脆麵Crispy noodles with beansprouts, shitake and trout roe£12


草莓椰香燕窩Coconut water ice, bird’s nest, mulberries, yoghurt and mochi *£17
松露香蕉布丁‘Postcard from Yunnan’ with banana, dark chocolate and black truffle£16
高力蛋白血橙雪巴Poached merengue with fruit textures£16

Please speak to our staff about any dietary requirements that you may have. We are able to cater for food intolerances however due to the nature of some of our dried and fermented ingredients, we are unable to cater for allergies.

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